Consulting Services

Consulting Tailored to Your Needs

Because of our background in providing insurance and risk management services to a wide range of accounts of all sizes, we have also been invited to provide consulting services. While we tailor the services to the objectives of the client, below are the key elements of what we provide:

I. Coverage Analysis – We review each policy in the context of the client’s operations.  To that end, we coordinate an initial briefing to make sure we have an accurate understanding of all phases of business activities.  We then review your actual polices.  Once obtained, we will provide an analysis that (1) Identifies potential Gaps/Overlaps (2) the potential Financial Impact of those issues and (3) potential Options/Solutions.  This analysis is delivered in a document that we present and provide to you.

II. Post Coverage Analysis Support – Based on the information we detailed in the Coverage Analysis, we provide the specifications needed to secure coverage options and we will evaluate the coverage options offered by the insurance carrier.

III. Ongoing Support – We offer services needed to support your efforts in going to market (e.g. drafting specifications for obtaining proposals from carriers) or providing an additional resources on evaluating coverage offered/proposed as well as future recommendations for coverage.

Fee Based Compensation – These services are provided through a Consulting Agreement and our compensation is a fee based as detailed in the service agreement.  As the basis of the fee, the Consulting Agreement lists the objectives you want achieved, the required action steps and the timeline expected for completion so that you have a full understanding of the services to be provided and when you can expect completion of the project.